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And here we are once again

As long as I can remember this will be my 5th attempt blogging. I’ve already created a few blogs that are still on-going but I suddenly felt the need to create one where I’ll just shoot some random thoughts in English. Why did I decide this?

I’m about to turn 26 and I still feel the need to grow up, be organized, know what I should do with my life, planning a goal for it, etc. As the title for this blog suggests,  I still feel I’m a noob compared to others. That feeling is overwhelming. Sometimes I want to run, turn back time, keep being a little naive kid without regards of the future.

Therefore, I want this blog to be a record of my issues and difficulties of my growth (or maybe the lack of thereof). To write what interests me. To overcome this fear of growing up, of responsibilities, of independence.

Of course, it would be amazing if it can speak to other people as well I can write my posts. Spark a little interest.

A short note: I have Facebook and Twitter accounts but for the time being, I don’t want to show my friends and family this blog yet. Perhaps in the future 🙂

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