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I lost my faith in democracy

I know we should respect the people’s choice however, from times to times, it’s hard to swallow elections when you know and feel that our side, definitely will work way better than the opposition. Direct democracy is essentially mob rule… whatever the majority says, goes, even when its not the best solution for everyone.

Lost faith in democracy

Recently I witnessed this so called “democracy” in 2 situations, each one separated by a gap of 3 weeks:

26/03/2011 – Sporting Clube de Portugal – Chairman Elections

Bruno de Carvalho was the candidate who best represented a new change and one thing most people were in agreement about was that the current establishment should not live on. By far, he won the “popular” vote but due to a flawed system and despite the fact that he had 34% more voters than Godinho (6047 people voted on Carvalho compared to the 4511 that opted for Godinho) and would win with a comfortable margin in a straight vote – it just happens that things aren’t that straightforward. Supporters votes are weighted more heavily the longer they have been registered members of the club.

Therefore, it is not that difficult to have a president who does NOT gather the majority of the votes – especially if they appeal to the older, more conservative wing of the club’s fan base – which was exactly what Godinho Lopes did. Through heated discussions and over-the-top promises, I believe little will change in the club. And, given how poorly the club has performed in the last two seasons in particular, that’s quite bad.

03/04/2011 – JSD Delegates election for the Setúbal District

A former member of the JSD party, that was absent for 2 years (probably due to “lack of motivation”), decided (or rather “was invited”) to run against the local political committee’s list and won by 1 vote. The problem? We already have proven ourselves worthy because people can see our work and our intentions. Unfortunately, he managed to convince a lot of friends and friends of friends to vote for him.

Can someone explain to me how come a guy that was absent 2 years and wasn’t caring about politics, just shows up and humiliates us while we actually were doing a pretty darn good job? And more, he decided to run just “because”.

Since I started working with the committee, I never found any kind of opposition because there weren’t anyone on his list that came to our reunions. After the win, feeling confident, they started trashing us that we weren’t doing anything and where to inexperienced. Hello? Can’t you people see what we already accomplished in a few months?

This election was in order to guarantee the most delegates to the District. They actually managed to get 5 representatives for the future election of their candidate in my area.

I can understand politics but this is totally unacceptable.

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