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I’m going to use Google Reader again

I was a huge fan of Google Reader. When I first started I starred everything, but soon realized that it took a while to search through ALL of the things I was starring. So I started using the tags as an added level of filtering. Tags have completely organized my feeds, and made it a breeze to search through the many many sites I subscribe too.

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Lately, it’s a rare month I check into Google Reader. And when I do there it is, the famous +1,000 unread items! It makes me feel guilty seeing this number. I should accept the fact that I can’t keep track of everything over the web and take a few steps back.

Since Twitter is great in real-time instant gratification (Facebook as well), I see most news faster on it than in Google Reader. It didn’t show up on until later after everyone had written blog posts. Besides this, they don’t tell me that I have unread items.

Still, I’m going to give Google Reader another shot. By this I mean that I’m starting all over! I’ve deleted every subscription and every tag I had:

Since I started this blog over a week ago in order to reset my life I thought I should do the same to Google Reader as well. If I was subscribed to your website, I’m sorry. Perhaps I’ll subscribe again 😀

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