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Writer’s block

Spent hours trying to figure out what do post. I got it from a blog that got it from a guy that got it from a guy. I think.

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The Cat Library

Awesome idea from a belgian designer that created a cat-proof bookshelf!

The Cat Library

The system is based on three different modules and, depending on how you stack them, you can create little stairways for kitty to climb among the books all the way to the top where there is a built-in cat bed. Brilliant!

The stairway can run along the front of the bookshelf or it can be hidden behind the books against the wall. There are two styles of bed on the top: raised or sunken.

Coincidently or not, yesterday one of my three cats just dropped a vase from my bookshelf on the floor and broke it into little pieces and I almost killed him.

This idea is till a concept but I’m sure if it goes into the market it will sell well. 😉

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History was made today in the Europa League

A real historical day for portuguese football and for these three Portuguese teams! Three attacking, entertaining teams to watch. No one really cares about Europa League but for Portuguese fans, it’s quite a validation of the quality in the league.

Porto are the best team in the last four, but Villareal are quality as well. That said, if Porto go to the final, they will win. They have already beaten Braga this year twice, and Benfica three times, including a 5-0 pasting!! They are simply better, on better form, with a better coach, than Benfica or Braga.

Too bad my club was already out of the competition 😦