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A great guide to root your Android phone

It’s been a year since I purchased my Android phone and since then I always wanted to root my HTC Desire. However, I never managed to actually do it and you can see how long has it been. It’s not about time issues; it’s just that I never bothered at all with it because I was worried about the warranty. After a year, I think it’s time to actually try do it!

Rooting my HTC Hero Android Phone

Image by Andrew Mason via Flickr

While HTC, as of today, still hasn’t released the latest stable version (2.3 Gingerbread) for their smartphones (only in the 3rd quarter of this year) I’ve been dependent on its official build updates. The impatience has grown into me and recently I’ve been doing some research about rooting Android phones.

Today, Lifehacker published a great guide (The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Rooting Any Android Phone) with all the explanation and information for us, noobs, to root our phones. The article looks like an awesome introduction to root (and will always be up to date!).

I don’t have anything planned this weekend so I’m going to follow it and try to see if I can manage it. I’ll update the blog with the experience I got from it 🙂