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Random thoughts [1]: Information, knowledge and wisdom

April 11, 2011 1 comment

We spend time blogging, chatting, Facebooking about friends, work, romance, health, etc. How much time do we spend doing things that cultivate friends, health or relationships? Have we focused so much on the technology that we don’t experience the REAL reality?

It came across my mind the other day the difference between information vs. knowledge vs. wisdom. No doubt there’s a lot of information available at our finger tips nowadays. We no longer have to memorize a bunch of facts or instructions to do things, we simply look it up on the web when we need it and just do it. Through the knowledge of others we have information.

Knowledge comes from working with ideas, material, experiences etc., getting your hands dirty so to speak, to have a deeper understanding of those ideas.

Now for wisdom. This is certainly not something that can be given to another. Wisdom is slow to develop and can require a high price tag since our greatest source of wisdom often comes from our mistakes or opportunities not well spent. Sharing wisdom is a way to connect with another more deeply.

At least we have a culture and the tradition of learning wisdom from our elders, by listening intently to their stories, hearing their experiences, seeing the scars of their mistakes. As much as the Digital Generation have information at their fingertips, they have a long way to go with gaining wisdom.